1. Preparation form

一 太極起式

Wu Jioanquan: Preparation form

面南而立,miàn nán ér lì, Stand facing south,

眼向前看。yǎn xiàng qián kàn. your eyes looking forward.

兩手下垂,liǎng shǒu xià chuí, Your hands hang down,

手背向外,shǒu bèi xiàng wài, the backs of the hands outward,

手指微舒。shǒu zhǐ wēi shū. fingers slightly spread. {fingers slightly stretched}

兩脚分開為平行步,liǎng jiǎo fēn kāi wéi píng xíng bù Your feet are spread in a parallel stance

(參看平行步圖)(cān kàn píng xíng bù tú) (as explained above) {consult the Parallel stance pic.}

約與兩肩的闊度相等。yuē yǔ liǎng jiān de kuò dù xiāng děng. at about shoulder width apart.

然後手指徐徐翹起。rán hòu shǒu zhǐ xú xú qiào qǐ. Then your fingers slowly lift.

如圖一。rú tú yī   See photo 1:


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  1. When raising the arms, start turning the palms down once the arms are about half way up.
    This helps push back against a push in push hands. The forearms turning toward each other as the arm raises.

  2. Keeping the wrists loose allows your hands to go from beneath your opponents arms to above without losing contact. You are then able to push the opponents arm down intention in the elbows shoulders relaxed.

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