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  1. Start in parallel stance (ping xing bu) with feet shoulder width apart, parallel, toes pointing straight ahead.
    Hands and arms relaxed, palms facing the thighs by the side of the leg.

    Begin raising the arms straight out in front of the shoulders, gradually turning the hands so that they finish at shoulder height palms facing down.

    Sink the elbows downward toward the body keeping the fingertips at shoulder height.

    Push down with the forearms finishing with the arms by the side of the body, palms still facing down, fingers pointing straight ahead.

  2. At a seminar in Sheffield with Ma Jiang Bao and David Barrow, we all started the form. Within a couple of moves Ma stopped us and singled me out as a bad example 🙁
    I think I had been reading and looking at Yang style, as a result I was starting by bending my legs as I brought up my arms. Ma was very clear that he did not want the legs to start bending until the arms started raising in “beginning taiji”

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